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A story about friendship

Once upon a time there were a few people who found each other through the medium of the Internet. They didn't find out right away that they had the same interests. But then they got together and made a short film. They got the idea because one of them had written a story that the others loved so much that the idea for the film was born. They planned what was needed and gained two lovely people. Someone who composed the music especially for the film. The other liked to tell the story with a stunning male voice (I love it). The male lead was played by a dear friend who had never been in front of the camera, but always behind the camera. His stunning facial expressions and gestures convinced immediately. Then the female lead, played by a lady with acting experience. Often seen on TV. The man behind the cameras, with youthful enthusiasm and ardor for the matter, gave the film expression and conviction through specific directional instructions. But none of this would have worked out so well if a dear friend hadn't given us her living room, which would have rearranged the area around the game. She lovingly provided the team with food and drinks.  


  I would like to thank the team for the good cooperation and hope that it will not be the last time.  Thanks to all contributors. It was a lot of fun working with you.


                    Markus and Reni             

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